Registration Nr.:    10487 / V 00854 / S 0319

Birthday:    13.05.1928, Bertrange

Father:    François CHRISTNACH

Mother:    Madeleine LORANG

Service entry:    21.11.1950

Contingent:    2nd

Ranks:    Soldat de 2e Classe
                  Soldat de 1re Classe
                  Caporal (1952)
                  Sergent (1955)
                  Sergent-Chef (1963)
                  Adjudant (1972)
                  Adjudant-Chef (1978)
                  Adjudant-Major (1982)

Death:    02.10.1998

In 1946, Grégoire had been working for three years as an accountant at the book printing company J. Nicolay in Luxembourg City. Later, he worked for Accinauto until his conscription in November 1950.

Gregoire was described as a dedicated, helpful, competent and efficient soldier by his superiors. Ranked Soldat de 1re Classe, he served during the Korean War as second in command of his squad. He was promoted to Caporal in May 1952.

After the death of the squad leader, Sergent Mores, at Chokko-Ri on 26 September 1952, Gregoire became his successor and led the squad for four months, to the complete satisfaction of Lieutenant Lutty.

Upon his return from Korea, Grégoire stayed in the Army, while at the same time taking courses in cinematography, as he was planning to become a programmer in mechanography. In 1981, Grégoire was given the position of permanent representative of Luxembourg to NATO. After an impressive military career, he retired as Adjutant-Major in 1985, at the age of 57.

Croix d'Honneur et de Mérite militaire en bronze (Lux.)
Médaille du Volontaire de Guerre Combattant avec barrette en argent (Bel.)
Korean War Service Medal (RoK)
Médaille du Volontaire de Guerre avec barrette en bronze (Bel.)
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