Registration Nr.:    00355 / S 0126

Birthday:    26.10.1919, Tuntange

Father:    unknown

Mother:    Marie FEIEREISEN

Service entry:    17.06.1945

Contingent:    2nd

Ranks:    Sergent (1945)

Death:    23.11.2003, Luxembourg City

Prior to his career in the Luxembourg Army, Roger had been a member of the Luxembourgish Volunteer Company, which he had joined in May 1939. After the German invasion of Luxembourg in May 1940, Roger was sent to Germany for police training and political indoctrination in December 1940. In July 1941, he was enrolled into the Kraftfahrschule der Gendarmerie in Suhl (Thuringia). After nine months, he was released from service because of his participation in a political protest with 100 other Luxembourgers. Back in Luxembourg, he joined the Pi-Men resistance movement in Differdange, before fleeing to Free France in September 1941. He wanted to come back to Luxembourg, but the Nazi occupiers refused his request. In December 1942, Roger was captured by German troops. Forced to work at the Krauss-Maffei factories in Munich-Allach, Roger seized the opportunity to pass on crucial information about German warproduction. He finally managed to return to Luxembourg in September 1944 and joined the Army in 1945. 

Roger served in the second contingent during the Korean War. As Adjudant de Peloton, he was second in command of the Luxembourgish section and often led night patrols. On 26 September 1952, during intense enemy mortar fire, Roger saved several wounded soldiers of his platoon, including Marcel Feinen, who had been buried alive in a collapsed trench.

While the other members of the contingent returned in 1953, Roger, along with Raymond Beringer, decided to stay for another year with the UN forces in Korea. After his return, Roger stayed in the Army until his retirement in December 1968.

Croix de Guerre 1940-1945 avec Palme (Lux.)
Croix d'Honneur et de Mérite militaire en bronze (Lux.)
Croix de Guerre 1940 abec Lion en bronze (Bel.)
Médaille du Volontaire de Guerre avec barrette en bronze (Bel.)
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