Registration Nr.:    330022 / V 00930

Birthday:    15.03.1933, Luxembourg City

Father:    Jean HARTMANN

Mother:    Alice WIRION

Service entry:    21.11.1950

Contingent:    2nd

Ranks:    Soldat de 2e Classe
                  Soldat de 1re Classe (1952)

Death:    13.03.2016, Canada

Robert was drafted into the Luxembourg Army in November 1950. During his service, he was first assigned to the IInd Battalion as a rifleman. From April 1951, Robert was a driver and learned to drive trucks in the Centre d’Instruction pour Chauffeur (C.I.C.) and in the artillery detachment.

In 1952, Robert joined the second contingent. Initially ranked Soldat de 2e Classe, Robert was promoted to Soldat de 1re Classe in June 1952. While in Korea, he served as a driver and radio operator and worked with Belgian and American military officials.

Upon his return in 1954, Robert requested to terminate his military contract to be able to emigrate with his family to the Frenchspeaking Canadian province of Québec. In Canada, he became a member of the Canadian Korean War Veterans Association.

Croix d'Honneur et de Mérite militaire en bronze (Lux.)
Médaille Commémorative des théâtres d'opérations extérieures (Bel.)
Croix de Guerre (Lux.)
Occupation of Japan Medal (USA)
Médaille du Volontaire de Guerre avec barrette en argent (Bel.)
United Nations Service Medal (UNO)
Korean War Service Medal (RoK)
Médaille du Volontaire de Guerre avec barrette en bronze (Bel.)
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