MAINZ, Théodore


Registration Nr.:    V 00690 / S 0316

Birthday:    13.10.1929, Troisvierges

Father:    Pierre MAINZ

Mother:    Marguerite BECKER

Service entry:    14.11.1947

Contingent:    1st 

Ranks:   Caporal (1950)
                 Sergent (1955)
                 Sergent-Chef (1963)
                 Adjudant (1968)
                 Adjudant-Chef (1974)
                 Adjudant-Major tit. (1979)

Death:    27.12.1996

On 8 November 1948, Théodore (“Théo”) was drafted into the Army. After his promotion to Caporal-Infirmier, he voluntarily extended his service and joined the first contingent to fend off the communist troops that had invaded South Korea in June 1950.

According to the records of Lieutenant Jos Wagener’s diary, listing Théo as Caporal Mortier, he was in charge of a mortar group. After his return from Korea, he worked as a medic instructor in the military until he was detached to the High Commission for National Protection.

Croix d'Honneur et de Mérite militaire en bronze (Lux.)
Médaille Commémorative des théâtres d'opérations extérieures (Bel.)
Croix de Guerre (Lux.)
Médaille du Volontaire de Guerre Combattant avec barrette en argent (Bel.)
United Nations Service Medal (UNO)
Korean War Service Medal (RoK)
Médaille du Volontaire de Guerre avec barrette en bronze (Bel.)
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